The festival
The Idea
The music returns for everyone and all ages. Last year, we called it "the Festival that wasn't," but we won't call it that anymore.

The Rome Film Music Festival has not only filled a void and done justice to Rome as the world capital of Cinema, but it has also tapped into the passion of thousands of spectators who flocked to all the scheduled events. This year, we want to embrace an even wider audience, introducing even the youngest to the thrilling experience of listening to a grand symphony orchestra. A miracle made possible by the power of images and the ability of the soundtrack to emphasize them.
Winning Team
The team that made all this possible is back, starting with the artistic direction of Marco Patrignani, CEO of the Forum Studios - the historic recording studios founded by the fathers of Italian film music, including Ennio Morricone – and President of the Italian Cinema Orchestra, the only and established symphonic entity specialized in film music. Once again, there will be great events, tributes to Italian and international cinema,
masterclasses, and professional days, all hosted in the Auditorium Conciliazione and the Forum Studios locations.
The soundtrack continues to be "music for everyone," the most performed and appreciated in the world for its fusion of genres and languages, from the most traditional styles to experimentation, always in harmony with moving images. The Rome Film Music Festival 2023 will continue to tell all of this.

Marco Patrignani

Founder and Artistic Director

David Barsotti

Project Manager

Roberto Volpe

Institutional Relations

Claudio Giustini

Communication and Marketing Coordinator

Claudia Argilli


Manuel Bosco

Project Manager

Marco Iannuzzi

Project Manager

Carlo Barbalucca

Video Content Manager

Nice Cream

Social Media

Arianna Mariotti

Social Adv

Daniela E Giulia Boccadoro

Graphic Designers

Chiara Sansoni

Publishing & Adv

Livia Galluzzi


Roma FMF is twinned with:

Krakow Film Music Fest
Fimucitè Tenerife Film Music Fest